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The Object:
To turn up pairs of Space Dominoes that add up to 9.

To Start:
Spread out, face down, all 40 Space Dominoes - either neatly or randomly, as you choose.

1. First player turns over one Space Domino and then another.

2. Whenever the two Space Dominoes add up to 9, keep them and go again. Turn up a new pair, again one card at a time.

3. Whenever the two Space Dominoes total any other number, return each to its face down position. The next player goes.

4. Continue like this to collect pairs totalling 9, until just two Space Dominoes remain. These go, one each, to the two next players. (If two play, simply divide up this final pair.)

5. Whoever has taken the most Space Dominoes wins.

Space Domino pairs
that total 9.


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