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Learning Math with Space Dominoes

Space Dominoes were invented by David Galt, a card game expert with a Ph. D. in Education.

Space Dominoes games help children develop basic math skills. These include:
  • number recognition
  • counting
  • addition and subtraction
  • conservation of number
  • comparison (more than & less than)
  • sequentiality
  • combining mathematical operations
  • memory
  • spatial relationships
  • strategic thinking
  • the concept of zero
Playing Space Dominoes, children will start thinking in mathematical ways. Many math teaching goals can be reached -- without a textbook -- even without writing numerals! Children with delayed successes in math will feel a real sense of achievement.

Space Dominoes may be played in any language -- or in multi-language settings!

And - for very young children -- you can trim the 40-card Space Dominoes pack down to an 18-card pack!

Children will prefer Space Dominoes because every deal is different. Each game is a new experience filled with surprises, where all contribute to the outcome of play.

A smart choice, for smarter children!

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