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To Start: Choose a Dealer
If 2 or 3 play - deal 7 cards each (face down).
If 4 or 5 play - deal 6 cards each (face down).

Turn the next card up as a STARTER.

The rest of the cards are the STOCKPILE.

The Object:
To be first to get rid of your Space Dominoes.

1. Player at dealer's left goes first. First play is a "link" at either end of the starter Space Domino. All further play must also be "links" at either end of this Space Dominoes chain, as it grows longer. See example below.
When space is limited, it's okay to make plays at an angle:

2. A play is a SINGLE-LINK or a DOUBLE-LINK.


Whenever you link only one section - a single-link - your turn is over. Pick a new card from the stock-pile. The player to the left then goes.
Always link sections by covering.

When you link two sections - a double-link - you may play another card immediately. As long as you keep making double-links, your turn keeps going. But, if you have no further play - or if you make just a single-link - your turn ends. Be sure to draw a new card from the stock-pile before the next player goes.
Always link sections by covering.
3. If you can't make either a single-link or a double-link, draw one Space Domino at a time from the stock-pile until you can play - then proceed as usual. If you make a double-link, you may of course keep playing. Be sure to take a new card when your turn ends. (Hand limit, 14 cards. If you hold 14 cards and can't play, you must pass.)

4. Even if you have a play, for strategic reasons it's okay to begin your turn by drawing one or more cards from the stock-pile. Be sure to take a new card when your turn ends.

5. When you have no play - and the stock-pile is gone - you must pass your turn.

The first one out of cards wins the hand.
On some hands, the stock is gone and no one has a play. In this case, the winner is the player with the lowest DOT-COUNT.

When you win by going out, your score is the dot-count total held by each other player.

When you win with lowest dot-count, score the difference in count from each other player.

For 2 players, the usual game is to 50 points.

For 3 or more players, play as many deals as you want. Just keep a running balance-sheet of plus and minus scores.

Deal 1: Player A wins 20 from Player B, and 5 from Player C.
Deal 2: Player C wins 7 from Player A, and 11 from Player B.

Deal 1
Deal 2

After scoring each deal, check
to be sure that the plus and
minus scores equal zero.

~The winner of a hand deals the next hand.~

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