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Space Dominoes - FAQs

Q. If I end my turn and have no cards left, do I still have to pick a card?
A. No! That's how you win the game of Space Dominoes!

Q. If I play a double-link, do I have to play again?
A. No, you can always end your turn with a double-link, whether you have another play or not.

Q. If I start my turn by picking a card (or cards), do I still have to pick a new card at the end of my turn?
A. Yes.

Q. Who wins when no one can make a play?
A. Occasionally, all cards have been drawn and no one can make a play. The player holding the lowest dot-count is then the winner.

Q. Is it possible to have a tie game?
A. Yes, when all cards have been drawn and no one can make a play, and all players have the same dot-count. In a 2-player game, it is also possible that one player goes out, and the other is left holding only 000. The player going out wins only the right to deal the next hand!

Q. Is there a limit to the number of Space Dominoes I can hold?
A. Yes, 12, although some players prefer 10 as a limit. Whenever you hold the full limit of cards and have no possible play, you must show your cards to opponent(s).

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