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Space Dominoes - Tips

1. Play high counting Space Dominoes early, to lower opponent's score if you lose the hand.

2. Leave a blank at either or both ends to make it harder for opponent to play high-scoring cards.

3. When choosing which card to play for a single link, play one with same ends in preference to one with different ends. That is, hold onto cards with different ends, for later play. Example: play 212 in preference to 213. Explanation: a Space Domino with different ends can play as a double twice as often as one with identical ends.

4. When choosing which Space Domino to play for a single link, choose one which leaves in your hand as wide a possible selection on your next turn.

5. When choosing on which end to make a single link, it may make sense to play on the end opponent has JUST played on. Explanations: 1) it may upset opponent's plan to play there next, and 2) anyway, opponent was not able to double-link on the OTHER end, so do not change it.

6. End your play leaving the next player the same 2-number combination - or the same single number - at both ends. Examples: leave -23 at both ends, leave -0 at both ends. Explanation: This will reduce your opponent's choice of Space Dominoes to play.

7. When viewing the Space Dominoes in your hand, be sure to use the corner dots, as is customary with card games. Explanations: 1) You can easily see your choices of play. 2) You can easily see where Space Dominoes in your hand can be double-linked to each other. You can even prepare a sequence of Space Dominoes to play when the opportunity arises.

8. You can always look to see which Space Dominoes have already been played - just follow the trail of small dots in the corners. This will tell you how many Space Dominoes of various combinations remain. In a game that goes down to the last few cards, you can easily determine what cards opponent must hold.

9. Space Dominoes ending with a repeat number (e.g. 233, 111, 300) each have only three cards which double-link with it on that end. By comparison all other number-pairs have four cards which double-link with it. Examples: any of 3 cards can double-link onto 111 -- 110, 112, and 113 -- whereas any of 4 cards can double-link onto 101 -- 010, 011, 012, or 013.

10. Even when you have a play you can make, sometimes it may be a good strategy to begin your turn by picking cards. The best times to do this are: 1) if you have a double-link to play but no play after it, or 2) if your only play breaks up a chain of Space Dominoes that you would like to play all in one turn. (This strategy is no guarantee - you may just wind up drawing more cards that don't help.)

11. When it is your turn to play only and one Space Domino remains to be drawn -- and you cannot play to go out -- always begin your turn by picking up that final Space Domino. It may be a useful card to play!

12. If you have a big lead in the race to 50 points, you can afford to take risks.

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